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selling this from HOLLYSURPRISE.LJ
BN in bag, the purple one, the back of the purple dress looks exactly the same as the blue one below it.

Two ways to wear it, interchangeable back and front (:


Button Shift Dress 
13.5-16" across, 31.5" down 
one of our favourites! can be worn in 2 ways - buttons in front or at the back! 
Available in: floral print and stripes print 
$25 at hollysurprise, now OOS


and also this from MOMOteapots
*ptp: 14"-23"
*down: 30.5"
*rubberised underbust
*tiedye effect throughout dress
*very flattering cut!

retailed $21.50 at momoteapots, now OOS
BN in bag.
selling only at $16

TRADES ARE WELCOMED ((: hit me with pictures and urls!


Prices from as low as $12!!
only between $12 to $28.

includes many AUTHENTIC APPARELS like Nautica Hoodie, Valleygirl Denim, 37 degrees

To order 
1. Once you've chosen your item and would like to purchase it, email me at toastwithbutter@live.com or leave a comment. Do note that comments will be addressed before emails.
2. Your email/comment should include the item you want, any questions you have about the item along with your email address. if you would like to confirm your order, please state so in your email. Please do not forget your email address (:

1. Confirmation of purchase takes place after i've sent you an invoice.
2.  you can make payment through 
- POSB/DBS atm transfer or i banking. Latter is preferred.
do take note that this has to be done within 24 hours.
3. After you have transferred the money, please email me your name and your mailing address 
- for all atm transfers, please include a snapshot of the receipt.

Postage Cost 
Belts/Light tops: $1 per item (normal mail) 
Heavy tops/dresses/bottoms: $1.50 per item (normal mail) 
Please add an additional $3.00 for registered mail 
Terms and Conditions 
  • I will not assume responsibility for lost mail unless registered. 
  • Items, once sold, are not refundable. 
  • Prices are not negotiable during a sale.
PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO SEE LARGER IMAGES!! (: hope you'll find something you like!

    NOW at $25

   NOW at $19

    NOW at $19

    NOW at $15

    NOW at  $12

    NOW at $18

    NOW at $28

    NOW at $18


exactly the same as this: (credits to blackdiamond)
under $28 mailed please

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