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This is a community created for all Cosmic Girls out there who love and/or are obsessed with the Cosmic Girls fashion line! Fans of Emily the Strange, Cosmic Debris, Yum Pop, Bon-Bon, and Oopsy-Daisy are welcome to join!

Got any rare items? See something you want? Have something you love? Then we want to know! Share all your cool stuff!

the mission:
to pollute the universe with cosmic debris: cheeky clothing with fun graphics and edgy and innovative designs.

sonic boom:
in 1992 a street car racer and a skate rat bumped heads amid the punk scene and jetted off for the cosmos, only to land on what they found to be a demand for something different. they did tees at first (always sticking to the DIY attitude they believed in) which eventually led to cut-n-sew boutique pieces and celestial accessories: kitty hoodies, horned hats, studly bracelets, goodie hoodies, bags, socks, and the list keeps getting bigger. in the past two years, the demand for cosmic's designs has increased tremendously, forcing the company to expand- first into two, then three, then four, and now five lines...and it keeps on growing.

mind you, cosmic did the first glitter transfers...a trend that soon would be duped by everyone in the business...but, cosmic had it first and continue to use new techniques on their tees like the puffy ink screen prints. (screens are still done by hand here, not machine.)

yum pop...
fantastic plastic land of yum pop.
yum pop's characters must a) be cute, b) be really cute, and c) be really damn cute! yum pop has its own stars, too, with the newest being ping pong panda. although, yum pop is targeted towards a younger teen market, those obsessed with hyper cuteness -- ravers, artists, fashionistas -- also gravitate to yum pop.
and, now bon bon by yum pop..the newest kid on the block. the half french/half japanese fashionista! she is the mod!

emily...the strange.
what started with a few bumper stickers and tees has turned into a virtual world of kitty hats, devil hoodies, skate decks, stickers, bracelets and personality. emily is a leader, a heroine, and a link to the devil inside us all. what this social deviant will do next, we never know. hold your breath... journals, diaries, books, and stationery! she even has her own skate team and decks! new new new fun stuff from her kitty posse, miles, neechee, sabbath and mystery!

oopsy daisy...oops!
oops, what can we say? oops, we made oopsy daisy so adorable with her big 'do and her big mistakes, that the juxtaposition of her being is messed-up and sweet all at once...oopsy daisy can handle anything...even her immediate success...look for mischief with her new
“special friends” including Sidney-the punk rock pest- and princess pretty-the money-lovin’ narcissist!
-from the cosmic girls website.

*this is a FUN community. BE NICE to each other, respect each others opinions, blah blah blah! okay? okay! ;)

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- community founder -


you are 'emily the strange'.

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